Reflections of Ourselves

Experiential tributes to victims of gun violence.
From Charlotte to Newtown

A twelve-hour tribute in uptown Charlotte, NC displayed on the 4th Anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT. 

U.S. Capitol

Seven days following the Dallas police shootings, a tribute was installed at the front door of the US Congress featuring 117 victims of homegrown mass shootings from six states.

Market Square


During Roanoke, VA's Market Wednesday event. "Roanoke Stands with Orlando," a Reflections of Ourselves installation, paid tribute to the 49 victims of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting.

Father's Day

Seven days after the June 12th Orlando shootings, the first Reflections of Ourselves project was installed on Father's Day, to recognize the fathers who lost their child that night and the children whose dads were killed in the gay nightclub.


About the project


"Reflections of Ourselves" is an artistic expression aimed at helping to make the statistics of gun violence more real.

Silver-gray silhouettes represent each victim, approximately scaled to his or her age. Presented on 3-foot by 6-foot panels, with the person’s name, age and an abbreviated biography.

These experiential installations are designed to minimize viewer bias, while calling attention to the magnitude of each massacre and humanizing the victims. As with most mass shootings in the US, the primary assailant was born and raised in the USA.

Not affiliated with any political, religious or social organization, the project was born out of paralyzing sadness following the Orlando tragedy.

This project endeavors to generate greater connection, awareness and social engagement within our communities, to effect change.

In the end, gun violence within our society is a reflection of ourselves.