A Generous Surprise

One constant with Reflections of Ourselves has been serendipity. 


Prior to the Charlotte installation, previous exhibits were printed on 36" wide architectural paper. Rain and wind events demonstrated the need to find a more durable solution. And finding a solution for printing on 6-foot wide material would allow for future tributes that combine hundreds of victims at one time.


The Charlotte installation would be well-timed for finding and testing a new material and wider format.

In the midst of researching this, a online ad popped up on social media for PosterSmith.com, a company that specializes in printing on fabric.  Aha, fabric!


After sending the company an overview of the challenges the project faced (wind, rain, 6-foot format, achoring in grass, etc.) they didn't just say yes, they said they wanted to DONATE the printing and materials for the Charlotte project. While a contribution or donation had not been asked for, or even alluded to, their unsolicited generosity came after they researched "Reflections of Ourselves".

The leadership team explained, "...We think your project is very meaningful and very touching. We like to make small contributions to support people with big hearts". This contribution was not small. They custom-printed close to 500 sq. ft on durable vinyl, sewed the edges and added grommets every three feet to allow for lawn installations, and then shipped it by FedEx.

While this art project addresses evil that exists in our society, what PosterSmith.com did was a timely and magnificent reminder that we should also remember to focus on all that is good. Their heart-centered unconditional generosity is the kind of true 

reflection of ourselves we strive for.

Headquartered in Brookline, Massachusetts, they support researchers all over the world, printing fabric posters that make it easy to travel with and display full-color prsentations.